New Year Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  How sweet the new year will be, 
                                                  with you my dear right beside me;
                                                  to sit alone with you on my porch,
                                                  knowing that you lit my love torch;
                                                  you lit all the flames of my desire,
                                                  set my soul and my heart on fire;
                                                  you have put a smile upon my face,
                                                  of loneliness you have left no trace;
                                                  gave me the peace only love can bring,
                                                  put love in my heart and everything;
                                                  gave me the will to survive each day,
                                                  as for you my love I will always pray;
                                                  made each day a pleasant surprise,
                                                  as each new morn beside you, I arise;
                                                  I will see the look of love in your eyes,
                                                  love at last, as sure as the bird flies.