Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

I want it all
She wrote on the palms
Of his heart
He closed his eyes and reached out
For her but held on to hope instead
She loves me and I love her
He wrote on her thighs 
But she wore a knee length
Skin tight dress that rubbed it off
She fell asleep waiting for him
He walks in on her sleeping everyday
With a bouquet of dried flowers
Hoping to surprise her
She tries
He tries
But none of them sees none
Instead they fight 
She forgets
He forgot
Each time their song plays
They bury their heads
Hoping memories would 
Take them there and soothe
The crack on their heart a little better
He held on
She tread along
Almost blindly
She loves him
He isn't sure if he loves her
That's good reason enough
To stay, as far a his ego
Is concerned
Is this love, I have to know...