Written by: John Castro

my soul is lost in a world of thorns 
and the fabric of my being mourns 

the complexities of life weigh heavy on my shoulders 
as experience and wisdom come down like crashing boulders 

oh how i mourn the days of ignorance when life was such a bliss 
i never knew that "NOT"knowing something was something i would miss 

i never knew that life back then was such a wonderful endeavor 
as i often wish that life in bliss would always last forever 

it seems as though i was better off with innocent thoughts instead 
i rather walk in innocence than walk among the dead 

i feel like dead men walking as my soul reaches into darkness 
i see the shimmer from the reapers sickle reflecting from it's sharpness 

a doorway of emptiness fills my soul full of guilt and fear 
and when life becomes full of wisdom death becomes so clear