Facebook Stalking

Written by: Lee Leon

Let your mouse do all the walking
Join a hobby all can share
Click and Like - it's Facebook Stalking
Let them know you're waiting there

There's no need for shady lurking
There's no need to show your face
Easy to pretend you're working
While you stalk through cyberspace

With phone tech the finger fingers
Always near, where e'er they roam
Your hobby on the mobile lingers,
Even on your way back home

In the morning, maybe sleepy
Only takes a min or two
No one's gonna think it creepy
If you comment on what's new

It's a hobby for all ages
All the slim or supersize
Can be active on the pages
Without awkward exercise.

Quick and easy, safe and legal
All can learn the simple trick
Hover like a hunting eagle
See the post, swoop down and 'Click'.