Sir John and the Dragon

Written by: Tony Lane

Sir John met the fair maid Pam and then he sought to woo, 
But Pam told him to wait a while and then she would want to too. 

Sir John asked how long he must wait and keep his love concealed, 
Surely Pam wouldn’t resist him once she glanced at his sword and shield. 

And so he suited up in full armor and stood beneath her balcony, 
Then he paced along the garden path or waited on bended knee. 

“Good Lord,” he said to himself, “wherever can she be?” 
“I’m starting to feel uncomfortable, I shouldn’t have had that last iced tea.” 

Sir John could hold it no longer and he slipped behind a tree, 
Just as Lady Pam relented and stepped out on to her balcony. 

There’s a story that the Lady now tells about her knight she is braggin’, 
Because from her vantage point it seemed he was wrestling with a dragon. 

So when Sir John had finished she let him climb in up her trellis, 
I’d tell you more about their night but it would only make you jealous. 

Sometimes the most important rules are the ones that don’t need stating, 
And sometimes the best ladies are the ones that always keep you waiting.