Your Fortress

Written by: john aaron green

                                     From heaven to earth, my gift is yours,

                                 I wish to share my strength, my authority.

                                     As I chase, your graceful presence,

                               your heart echoes, deep in my wanting soul.

                                     My arms are open, to keep you safe,

                                 no pain or fear, shall ever come your way.

                                    you will always know, my love for you,

                                  for I will protect your soul, with my truth.

                                        I will be your shield and fortress,

                                           in you, is my love designed.

                                   I will be your lifelong friend, forever,

                           and stand by your side, through all life's trials.

                                 This Oath is my love, to give you peace,

                               its sealed in blood, for the heavens to see.

                                     Then when you open your heart,

                                 my love is there, to forever be your

                                                  fortress of life.