Thine Own Will Be Done

Written by: Pokey Lanford

As the breeze kisses softly, And the sun creeps ore the rise; I sit here in contentment, Looking up toward the skies. The mountains are so majestic, You have painted all the leaves; Your wonders are breath-taking, And they fill my soul with ease. Thank you for the many gifts, You gently package with a smile. And for the strength of eagles; Lord, thank you for every mile. Forgive me for the many times I went my own dull way. Oh thank you for the wisdom You have blessed me with today. Your still small voice still whispers, Oh thank you, loving Father... For tendering my willful heart, To listen, and then follow. Thank you for all blessings, And the ones still yet to come; Father, I beseech you, Thine own will be done. Pokey 2011