The Best of Time Taking Chance

Written by: Nurudeen Olaniran

Jefferson Kol, Had wanted to copulate with his wife... Please, I'm due for prayers, she emphasized. After which the load in the scrotum had negotiated his sleep Twilight, made a reality of new day Again he insisted on what was left unfulfilled. The load set to offload so the system could ease. My lord, 0400am so early I woke up Now sleep is all I dear she sleeps. Ideas flow afterward and pea flows when the urethra is loaded and anus breathing He leaves for the comfort zone (loo) to release the loads of waste, instead Mark Zukenberg.... he thinks the face book Lord so young an enterprise the name the world know Jefferson Kol, right here he quest.... To become a champion or rather a celebrity is by taking chances and making best use of time So, Fetched the name written on every man's lips The lavatory (loo) the home I be-quested the real instinct.