I love U

Written by: Sanjay purushotham

Your love is so full of passion n innocence, 
and the words like im lost in pain.
I just got lost in the breeze, 
the breeze of your love,
its like flowers blooming in spring.
I juz sat still waiting for you,
waiting for the time to stop,
I just couldn't wonder what were you,
Just another girl or an angel frm d star.
But one thing's true , that i love you,
for the breeze and the warmth you give.
And hearing my cries, one day you
stop for me with the time,
I can never forget the time you saw me,
with those eyes full of love,
It was so innocent n full of pain,
It made me cry, like a thundering rain,
Tat it melt ma heart with all those chains,
Clinging to stop me from meeting you,
I can't stop now, loving you,
I don't really know what it is, 
but it feels so romantic n true.
People here, people there,
call these words as poems,
but i would say that everyone
has a  poet hiding in them.
I finish my words with some love and care
A really amazing love affair,
I look at you with despair.
Why don't you be ma pair?
I love u so much,
I want to be with you,
I desperately am in need of you,
that now i know that the girl of my dreams
Is really you.