Garden Knights

Written by: Colin Marschall

Come little children
gather to me,
I have a tale to tell,
a story don't you see,
of knights and battles,
princes and princesses
and tiny hero's
with golden tresses.
Who fought a goblin,
a big nasty thing,
who lived in the tree
next to the swing.
He grunted and squealed
tried to eat all the babes
even stole sandwiches
their mothers had made.
The prince of the garden
said "this cannot be
from this evil goblin
we must be free"
Up stepped the knights
wooden swords held high
"no worries our prince
for you we would die.
We'll chase this goblin
down out of the tree,
push him from the garden,
just you wait and see"
"Oh brave knights"
the princess said to the throng
"with you at our sides
what can go wrong,
This goblin will be defeated
that is plain to see,
~and if you hurry
There'll be time for tea~"
So off went the knights
in armour, with shields
their swords unsheathed
surely the goblin must yield.
One brave knight
stepped infront of the rest
called to the goblin
"Come give me your best"
without hesitation
the goblin was there
waving his arms
he looked like a bear
not the cuddly
teddy kind
all fangs and teeth
and claws combined.
The knight he was scared
but stood his ground
as the goblin
uttered such a sound
charging straight at the knight
stood alone
in clouds of dust, swirling arms
the outcome was unknown
for ages
no one could see a thing
had the knight fallen?
did he win?
suddenly silence!
the picture became clear
the goblin lay dead
the crowd gave a cheer.
The princess ran forward
embraced the proud knight
tired but still standing
after the fight.
she gave him a kiss
he pledged her his life
the prince said aloud
she should become his wife.
So to the sounds
of everyones laughter
they all lived
happily ever after.