Tiny Warriors

Written by: Richard J. Long

Rocket from your tree Speeding toward the yellow and red target you see Angrier than a stepped on honey bee Inspiring your rabid attack, like a flea Tiny warriors doing aerial battle Hovering in and out of a man made flower Fighting over the sweet nectar that brings power Appearing, as though, your wings move 400 miles per hour Your throats are bleeding red While your swords stab again and again Determined to be the first to free sugar water from its plastic pen Fueling your mission to power your Zen Pointing your compass to where it’s warmer Your internal gauge tells you the days are getting shorter Off on your journey without the benefit of a porter Traveling to a land south of the border Marching in a zigzag line With every opportunity sipping on nature’s nectar wine Relocating to where the weather remains prime Awaiting the time for nature’s General to signal another battle chime By: Richard J. Long – June 2011