The Royal Wedding

Written by: Tony Lane

Prince Eric was under a great deal of pressure to find himself a mate, His father, the King, wanted to retire and he didn’t want to wait. But he couldn’t pass down the royal crown until his son was truly wed, So he laid down the law to the playboy prince and this is what he said. “Scour the land and find yourself a girl who’s tried and true, One that will become a fitting queen and make a good wife for you.” So Prince Eric was busy saddling his horse when much to his surprise, He saw the stableman’s daughter Maggie and was captured by her eyes. “Take care as you ride,” she said to him, “It seems there’s a storm ahead,” Eric looked at the sunny sky and asked her to repeat what it was she’d said. She then explained to Eric that she could see for miles in any direction, So she could spy on his enemies and was also good at weather detection. “Will you marry me?” Prince Eric asked as he lowered to bended knee, And as the bells of the church rang out the King issued his final decree. “From this day forth I command that whenever my son comes into view, The bells of the church shall play their song as warning for all of you.”