A passion not likely realized

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Out of all the relationships I’ve ever been in, few really ever knew me.
Just bits and pieces rehashed, concocted and dispensed from;
A world I know as the files from my performing arts.
      But with you it’s different because you’re so damned pretty.
     I tell myself to stay Germaine when I’m around you but;
     As soon as I set my eyes on you I lose track.
I’m moved by feelings I can’t even name.
You probably know what I mean don’t you;
Younger days and different faces where the blood flowed so thick;
And passion was so hot it set your body on fire,
        Ah but the kicker; the ace in the hole; the crux of the biscuit with you;
        And moves me most even more then the probable thrill of your kiss is;
        It’s all of you that has made my heart beat irregular rhythms;
        And that I’ll always remember.