Will I, be allowed to fight

Written by: Amber Chafer

If I fought for you,
would you let me in?
Or would you
throw me away like some piece of spoiled tin.

Would you see;
love, that's all but I have for thee.

High price to ask it is.
For you are content, you are happy.
Yet.. Would you let me fight
for my right, to keep you at my side.
Would  you welcome me in open arms,
have it that I try, and pleasure you?

To feel the warmth of your gentil touch one more time.

You see my intentions are pure,
as any heart can be.
But the problem is,
that heart of which I have,
doesn't belong to me.

For one day,
in the shadows it was
I cried it away.

Down to the depths it went.

Locked up, in a chest
that forever hast engraved your name.

Safely kept it shall be
until that one day.

When you my dearest love,
let me fight back, the chance to be with for thee
whom I love forever.