Self Wealth Deficit

Written by: john freeman

Wealth of two masters… `Tis an amazing thing One mysteriously an illusion… Of the mind one is serpent Though by the essence of the dove… And by the power of love That the soul of love In the power of the dove… Sows by the serpent of strife The armageddon in life In a strait betwixt twain Fearful to depart Foolish to remain… Remaining vain begets the twain Illusions that are unstable Pretending to be life Borrowing from Able Giving Cain his knife Living below heaven’s glow Spreading the dog show borrowing from Dove… True wealth of Love… Deficit pretends that China… Is from above Illusions shall wane Reality shall remain Deficit illusions vain `Tis faith of a kind… True wealth of a Master mind… True particles of heavenly Adamantine ================================== “No man can serve two masters” “Mysterious Iniquity works self deficit” (Matt. 6:24) (II Thes. 2:7 KJV) Selah