Together at Last

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                               here at last, and such a delight,
                                               for me you seem to be just right;
                                               full of wit, and bounding with charms,
                                               I welcome you here to my arms;
                                               your great humor is second to none,
                                               I'll want you to be the only one;
                                               always be the woman of my dreams,
                                               the star of my life is what it seems;
                                               to awaken with me every new day,
                                               to be my work and also my play;
                                               just be my partner in good and bad,
                                               with you in my life I will be so glad;
                                               so love me each day as I love you,
                                               we'll stay together our whole life too.