Taste and See How Good The Lord Is

Written by: Annalise Brigham

Struggles ebb and flow like the ocean tides.
They wane and wax like the glorious moon;
Deliberately devours the psyche, if allowed
There is truth to be known, worth more than gold… 
We are not Masters of our destiny; we are not in control. 

The day of discovery comes; when we’re lost at sea 
When panic overrides the mind and the brain liquefies;
Caught in a rip tide, seized; and should we fight, we’d lose
We resign to God’s will; andare carried towards the shore
The lesson learned...it’s not by our own strength that we live

Psalm 34:8…”O Taste and see how good the Lord is; 
                                          blessed is the man who trusts in him”.

*New ontest for Faith Verses"
*2nd Place

For John's "Faith verses Poetry" Contest