You ll always be beautiful

Written by: ifedayo oshin

You’ll always be beautiful:

If even your hairs were a handful scraped to the skull
Or plenteous and bounteous like the mane of a tall horse
If even you were slim to the bones
Or plump, rounded, and fat
If even your skin glows and shines like a babe’s
Or it is scrawny, scaly and wrinkled
If even your voice is sweet and sonorous like Nightingale’s
Or it is husky, hoarse and bland
If even you had the strides of angel
Or the clumsy walk of the aged.

You’ll always be beautiful!

For your beauty is uncorrupted
And the beautified of you is incorruptible;
Your soul that never wear
Your spirit that never tear.

Because your beautifier is ever at work 
You’ll always be beautiful!