Written by: Lyn McSweeney

Far more precious than silver and gold So much of HIS story left untold We have wandered on a trail left by man Instead of walking the road of the I AM Always struggling to find our self Instead of allowing Jesus to indwell Then being the person Father wants us to be Jesus said come follow ME For I AM the Way the Truth and the Light I Am your Gate I Am your Light There is no other path to our Fathers heart That’s what HE planned right from the start That is why Jesus came to show us the way So that we would get there and there we would stay Where HE stands waiting for me and you Do you see HIM waiting...do you? Over the years man has placed many false trails So on him we would focus and all that entailed But all that is finished it is at an end Father says come to me child I AM your friend I want you and your heart completely you see Wont you come child come child to me????