A vision not likely realized

Written by: Leonard Taormina

It’s strange somehow thinking about the times I’ve spent in relationships yet;
Few have ever had the chance to really know me.
Just bits and pieces rehashed and concocted; 
From a world he quietly calls “the Halls of Lenny’s performing arts”.
     But with you it’s different because you’re so damned pretty.
     I tell myself to stay natural when I’m around you but;
     As soon as I set my eyes on you;
     I seem to lose most of my composure.
You move me from a place I sometimes don’t even remember is there;
You probably know what I mean don’t you;
Those times from another place where the blood runs thick;
And passion burns like an eternal flame that sets your soul on fire,
        Ah but the kicker; the ace in the hole; the crux of the biscuit is;
        What moves me most about you goes;
        Way beyond what may be there inside of those jeans I've seen you in
        It’s you; all of you that makes my heart beat irregular and I’ll never forget.