Last Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                           As I sit here thinking of you, my love,
                                           I know you were sent from above;
                                           sent to heal my lonely wounded soul,
                                           bring happiness to my life is your goal;
                                           repair the scars love put in my heart,
                                           to give my soul a new loving start;
                                           love is not supposed to cause you pain,
                                           but remove the clouds and the rain;
                                           bring the blue sunny skies every day,
                                           chase the sadness and gloom far away;
                                           bring you a cheerful delightful smile,
                                           as you love your life away for a while;
                                           so forget all the hurts from your past,
                                           this is the love that will last and last.