How Much is Enough

Written by: Dinda Minardi

(Dec 20, 2011)

How much is ‘enough’ will cost you your thoughts?
Will it be too much to think of? Since these days we’re too tired to sweat this thing
Or we were never born to think, just to do things?
If one says let go, will I strong enough to do so?
If one says let’s go, will I join and never think of ‘no’?
How much will ‘enough’ word cost?
Will it make you happier or bring out worst?

Dilemmatic choices make me dizzy some of the time
But I lose myself almost all the time
Make me forget of what I want and what I’ve learned
But as long as I enjoy, I think it’s okay to get burned
Just follow where your heart takes you
Even if eventually it will make you feel blue
You will easily let go of that false clue
‘Cos, hey! It’s always easier for you to forgive you

We live among choices
Demanded only for one best decision
We make different mime faces
But we know only one that suits the finest ambition

So how much is enough? –Priceless
No matter how deen a man is, he’s not a self-less