Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                Tomorrow will finally be the great day,
                                                when you come here, perhaps to stay;
                                                we'll really meet and compare each note,
                                                check our hearts against what we wrote;
                                                see if the truth was really always spoken,
                                                or if promises made will now be broken;
                                                we will see if love was really in our heart,
                                                or if we were false, only playing a part;
                                                see if the love we felt was really sincere,
                                                or only loneliness that drove us to here;
                                                do we actually love, do we really care,
                                                each others world, do we want to share;
                                                I know the answers are all in my heart,
                                                together forever, we will never ever part.