pay for your sins

Written by: John Castro

reality is the picture that the collective mind has painted 
but along with every thought was a conscience that was tainted 

every thought from the spirit of man was encapsulated in his mind 
so perhaps all could hear it and understand when his thoughts were defined 

every mind is subject to the vicious cycle of lies 
but what is in the dark must be revealed to the eyes 

those who refuse the truth remain imprisoned in the mind 
and left to walk in darkness trying to catch up with father time

only a few individuals have tapped into their true potential beings 
as they manifest the thoughts into what one is actually seeing 

its hard to believe that a thought can be manifested 
but if you can think it, it can be done all you have to do is test it 

God said anything is possible all you have to do is ask 
nothing is to great for God, he can accomplish any task 

Jesus said if ye believe your faith can move mountains 
and with the faith that ye receive give freely like a fountain 

but evil has intervened in the giving of the word 
and twisted scripture into something that man has never heard 

they put a price on what was suppose to be given to us for free 
i guess its the copy write, thats why they charge a fee