Down to Georgia

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                          Down to Georgia my sister and I went,
                                          We heard the weather was heaven sent;
                                          bought a ranch house on three acres,
                                          was in foreclosure, but had no takers;
                                          For two years we worked very hard,
                                          fixing the driveway and the large yard;
                                          cut the pine trees, they kill all my grass,
                                          put up a tower with a big bell of brass;
                                          put up a greenhouse to grow my plants,
                                          poisoned the yard to kill the fire ants;
                                          then one day my sister became ill,
                                          the doctor said, better draw up a will;
                                          for three weeks, she just stayed in bed,
                                          then one gloomy day she was dead;
                                          now a Connecticut yankee stuck alone,
                                          looking for a good women to bring home.