Phoen IV

Written by: Alexandria Rodriguez

the A tragedy                         dear to the hart chase   i wonder how hard
of not listening                       a life in kingdom   for each player of
Cant be a show off     more to life inside    five times and more too
Lots a Noise trevor   hold on to love woe  explain the colors
to things, belongings   names are in my hearts     
I can not tell who-    all the fire around  of god please yer love
what can be a truth   nor to worry base then i have days and 
not i only; me,   me to all fumbles more calenders more
that eternal God love    lose lost if not  then i have some fun-
like, would you, believe yes     fun and let it go
dont worry child      if I can't, big life 
to be old of age   it was said in me no master baton
and then to a die   three times awaiting just the local all
if in sins regard cork  although bed dem well the night be done
less than a love bold    to guess funny loom well freak for the night
oh so more tales tell   think happy fire and i wall have God-
heart of mine awake   fighting began huge his love in my xlight
me in ill then yell   virtually always the inside and out
how it transfix is   in the skate civil! of me and just dreams
no more a mall stale   were ye then but now? from a work of life