Two More Days

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  Just two more days, you will be here,
                                                  in two more days, I begin to cheer;
                                                  you will be here in my loving arms,
                                                  to wile me with your many charms;
                                                  I will look upon your lovely face,
                                                  as upon your lips, a kiss I will place;
                                                  I will feel your body so close to me,
                                                  that is where I always want it to be;
                                                  I will feel the love from your heart,
                                                  a life together this will be the start;
                                                  I will know, you will always be mine,
                                                  as sure as i sit, and write this line;
                                                  then your love will be my only goal,
                                                  your mind, body, heart and soul.