Big Brother

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  I was nine when you died,
                                                  no longer to be by my side;
                                                  to teach me all that I know,
                                                  to help me live and to grow;
                                                  always kept me by your side,
                                                  as on you I always relied;
                                                  loved you more than mom and dad, 
                                                  the best big brother a boy ever had;
                                                  you were my teacher, my protector,
                                                  you were my shield and deflector;
                                                  you took me where ever you went,
                                                  my guardian angel, heaven sent;
                                                  but then one day, in anger I said,
                                                  go away, I wish you were dead;
                                                  a half hour later my wish came true,
                                                  God, how will i survive without you;