I Just Can't Win

Written by: Natalie The Rogue Rhymer

My wife said our sex life, ”Is always the same…”
“You need to spice things up, and rekindle our flame”

So I got onto the net and researched lots of stuff
I took tons of notes and soon…I had enough

I went to “Trickie’s Tricks” with a list a mile long
I even skipped around, humming a naughty little song

So my wife came home from work and entered the scene
I sported a mankini and mask…she started to scream

I chased with a feather in one hand and whip in the other
She dashed from the room, crying loudly for her mother

She slipped on the rose petals…the candles fell to the floor
I reached for massage lotion as she darted out the door

She left me hot and bothered, much to my chagrin
Whatever I do, I feel I just can’t win!

So next time… I’ll ignore her rebuffs
Tomorrow night, I’ll whip out the cuffs