Three Lonely Days

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  Just three lonely days remain,
                                                  and my life will have no disdain;
                                                  just three lonely nights to go,
                                                  and you will see my heart aglow;
                                                  the loneliness that is in my heart,
                                                  of my history will be a part;
                                                  loneliness that surrounds my being,
                                                  is something that I wont be seeing;
                                                  loneliness that is in my mind,
                                                  will be totally gone, I will find;
                                                  the loneliness that chokes my life,
                                                  it slashes my flesh like a knife;
                                                  from my life this will all be past,
                                                  as our love will forever last.