Praise the Lord

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                 May my love for you, continue to hold, 
                                                 become a love so strong and so bold;
                                                 as I arise each day, may it always grow,
                                                 as the sun shines and wind does blow;
                                                 may you always smile on my heart, 
                                                 of my life become the biggest part;
                                                 may our bodies meet and become as one,
                                                 as we watch the rising and setting sun;
                                                 may our lips always meet in a tender kiss,
                                                 with a love of warmth and heavenly bliss;
                                                 as our love we always continue to share,
                                                 knowing in our hearts we'll always be there;
                                                 forever loving till the end of all the days,
                                                 giving the Lord his well deserved praise.