Only Looking To Tomorrow

Written by: Phoebe Stagg

Some time not too long ago,
A burst of childish bliss,
There was a perfect 'all american' love scene,
And someone she's grown to miss.

After just one night,
She learnt to read you as her own,
And sat in pure tranquility,
On that rainy journey home.

The distance was a b*****.
The problem was her mother.
How she wished she hadn't listened,
To the ones speaking to cause bother.

Then she did the dirty,
With no evidence to back up,
She plucked things from her mind.
They worked. Just her look. <- (sarcasm..)

He wasn't easy to let go

She misses him each day

Sometimes that tranquility returns, by him just 
saying 'hey'

Now there friendships strong,
Although its hard to swallow.
They can walk with hand in hand, friends.
Only looking to tomorrow.. <3