Sick Day

Written by: Tony Lane

Let’s just take the day off and maybe call in sick, Just one day away from work I think will do the trick. We could start by sleeping late then lay around in bed, Sharing conversation or something else instead. Then it’s off to the diner to have some eggs and cakes, While we read the morning paper, however long it takes. We’ll wander around the bookstore for as long as we feel, Pawing through the discount books looking for a deal. Then let’s pick up the dog and take him to the park, No one else will be around so we can let him bark. We can share our hopes and dreams and far off distant plans, All the while we walk the path while holding each other’s hands. The leaves have changed their color it’s a perfect autumn day, If we’d waited one more week the color would have faded away. Then back home and I’ll light a flame in the fireplace, We try to read until we fall asleep in the warmth of its embrace. There’s a purple sky outside the window when we finally awake, You make us salads and baked potatoes while I grill us up a steak. We can watch an old movie wondering if Cary Grant will read the letter, While all the while I’m hoping that by tomorrow, we won’t be any better.