Written by: Dinda Minardi


It was started under early November’s fog
You picked up chat by talking ‘bout dogs

The next day, under the pinus tree, we sat on a log 
After a hug you gave me a box

“Inside is my heart” you said to me
He leant his back against the tree
Was excited, but was worried if it was a hoax
I only saw white plain card inside the box

But then I was blushing
I felt blood rushing to my head
“Be my girl!” the card said 
More blushing, 
My blood-racing sped up intensely
I answered it with my fervent kiss

Two days of two years of knowing each other, 
Is this love or he’s just too good in attracting girl’s heart?
What is love anyway? 
As long as I bliss this, he is all I wish