Life's Lesson

Written by: Juanita Warden

:In our lives we’re are taught and learn many things,
Life itself is a lesson, with everything it brings.
However, lessons learned have to come from deep within,
Living the experience, remembering where you have been.
We have to love ourselves, before we can love another,
We need to know the values of our neighbors and brothers.
We need to know that happiness is internally ours,
That life has its cloudy days and cold misty showers.
That it is up to us, to release the power, that within us strives,
The love and affection that each of us have, never dies.
Those challenges in life happen, they are sent to us for a reason.
Throughout the years, they follow us, in all four seasons.
Therefore, we take a stand and face our dilemmas head-on,
Learning from experiences, in life, what lessons have spawned.:

Juanita Warden
Copyright © 2011-07-14 
(All rights reserved)