Web of Lies

Written by: Dylan Wong

I've been caught in a web of lies
As filthy as that beast crawling;
Along each thread, I wonder how
It flexes; does a lie retain it's shape
After stretching to the limit?
Or does it snap and free the prey?

Look closely at the silk
Do you not see that all its ilk
Bears resemblance to the one nearby?
Just pluck at the string
And hear it ring
And listen to them mutter.

Sometimes the web of lies is spun
Not by many, but by one
The one that snags on the sticky thread;
And struggles, then the web is woven
You can't escape the tightened net
It only narrows when you push

Notice the geometry of the intricate web
A Devil's star; the molecules stab
Across the middle into an anvil
It reverberates; then entropy wipes out
The vibration you'll always hear and spout
Until the pincers go right past your chin