Forever Love and Me

Written by: Germaine Pasley

The winds of happiness blew a smile upon my face
It's warm breeze kissed my lips as I surrenderd to its embrace
The flowers surrounding us hugged my heart with their early rise
Laying with my love in peaceful bliss we gazed across the sunlit skies

A pillow like cloud rolling past causes a gentle sunshine rain
There's laughter in my voice as we decide to race the wind in vain
With our hearts beating fast we stop to rest underneath a tree
Embracing with sighs and tender kisses,from my love to me

This day my love will stay forever in my heart and mind
Knowing that a love like ours will never be easy to find
If I could remember a day this would be the one I long to see
A perfect day running through the fields,my forever love and me

A Collab w/ Dan Kearley ! :-)