I Love You

Written by: Eduardo Garcia

I love you I love you I love you, can I say that? It gives me chills for me to be able to say that to you without you feeling uncomfortable. I hope I haven't scared you yet, my mood is at its greatest, it cannot be changed for another, I say, four..... Years. I just can't explain, my love to you, their is no words, I'll make one soon, with your aid, and how? Just remain the same and it will pop out. My thoughts of you, can you feel them, my love for you I will express them, because I love you I love you I love you. Wow that never gets old. Are you sure I haven't scared you because I feel as if I did. You say no but I say yes, your eyes show a response to my love, so shiny, addicting, how I can get lost in your eyes so easily. I caress your love to evolve into that word I havent made up yet, oh your hug, it is a unique feeling, I never would want to leave, it's like a mixture of nervousness and love, oh your kiss that gives me goosebumps, their is no greater feeling. How about we get married, I will not say when though, it's a surprise. I will always love you. I know you love me to, I can feel it right here.