Let Her Go

Written by: Eduardo Garcia

How is it not me I could have only illusioned my hopes, to feel her response if only so, I, I love her and she does not! Another has her heart if only he never exist for me a better chance... I love her, but she cannot. To say anything possible for her to come my way, I, love her. She is too happy with him for me to steal her happiness I can only painfully say. If any adjustments I could make how fast I would, I can only love her... A fight for her is not what she would want, I will respect her desires I can only painfully say... She will never fade in my thoughts because she was suppose to be mine yet fate does not agree and I can only sit there and remain in sorrows at its greatest, I would rather see her happy then fake with me... I cannot allow friendship between us fore my heart will not contain and will it say it's true feelings... I, love her if only she ever fade away.