Publish, Change Or Be Damned

Written by: Colin Marschall

You want me to write in metaphors
Twist meaning to fit the rhyme
Make the word count perfect
So many beats in time.
Use words out of context
Which have nothing really to say
My plain style not good enough
So change it or go away
So should I write my offerings?
Just like what follows now

Substitute fatalities, cowering yellow
Within the confines of a sacred cow
Oppressive vision of Babylon towers
Secreting liquid words of wisdom
Tie-dyed to fit the morning headlines
Career advice for the enslaved kingdom.

Does anyone understand what that meant?
Does anyone really care?
So long as “they” think it fits
They’ll publish all your wares
I’ll not pig at the trough
Just to please the critics
I’ll write for the “common” man
After all, they're not so parasitic.