My New Years Day to-do List

Written by: Greg Stanley

It was New Years Eve and I went to bed,
With thumping and bumping in my head.
The next morning my wife gave me a list,
I asked softly, “Honey, what is this?”
She told me it was ingredients she needed,
“In God’s name for what?” I pleaded.
She said the Pork was for progress,
“That sounds tasty to me,” I confess.
For good luck and health, the Turnip greens.
“I’ll have to force those down,” it seems.
The Black Eyed Peas are for prosperity,
I snapped back, “How can that be?”
She did not know and only could say,
“It brings good luck on New Year’s Day.”

By: Greg Stanley
Entry into the  “Good Luck Meal” Contest 
Sponsored by Russell Sivey