The Lalakonti ceremony

Written by: Ian Howard

The Lalakonti Ceremony

The old women gathered
To look at the stars above
Orion was their greatest prize
It hung there as if to realise
It was time for the Lalakonti
Hopi girls lift your baskets
First to the left breast
Then to the right touching so
Then my Hopi's down it goes
To the prize of brave young men
Round and round the fire you go
The Great Spirit will hear you so
We will make an altar to you
Prayer plumes more than a few
A sand picture drawn true
Bring us that Winter hail anew
The Hail that rests the soil
That in the Spring we toil
Making our crops grow
We need soft earth and water so
Our dance is led by our mother
Who places the prayer plumes
There in the sacred Sipapu hole
Two men used to make it so
We thank you Mother Earth
For all the gifts you bestow
Our baskets thrown lets you know
That we the Hopi love you so
A scramble ensues of the young
To find a maiden, join in the fun
Many hours of loving life our way
Wish it would return to me today