Precept Vs Concept

Written by: john freeman

A fact is a fact in it’s own fact while dwelling in it’s own fact though not necessarily a fact in the face of the greater fact but indeed a fact while in the body of it’s own fact! A babe is a fact as a babe in fact but not an adult in it’s fact. Physical and spiritual growth are changes in lower facts… as all change are made at the level of the lower fact. Love’s precept in fact changes lower facts lower facts, in fact do not change Love’s fact! Love in fact… makes changes in the fact… of His own body in fact… taking it’s fact back… into the greater fact’s sack… rearranges, makes changes… in His body’s lower fact. When is a fact not a fact? A concept fact is not a fact while in the sack of precept’s fact and when apart from, it’s essence of fact All concept's facts are only extensions of a greater fact but in fact are facts while in the body of fact. Be aware…in the world some quacks pose as facts apart from any-body of fact. as a matter of fact, they are not within the grace of fact. While apart from their body in fact,, the fact is a quack, needs to be taken back, into the sack of fact, the precept equiped, to redo the flip, do not let Love slip. Love's fact at all levels are precept backed, the same cannot be said of concept facts, for sometimes apart from Love's body, they slack!! "Essences of love are precept backed"