Love for Lavender Cologne

Written by: Onyebuchi Okonkwo

To tales that came on vast meadow
Beyond days that would tomorrow
Be, is tasty tang on bitter tongue;
Life to shriveled  strength of ping pong
Passing over in time, chaos will borrow.

In my hand, bottled gas to blow
Rosy scent upon my mom, aglow
It set air veins, fringes that belong
                         To tales that came.

Cherished, yet it was long time ago
When it left me to join the row
Of  relics. Lavender glass, long,
Lofty like a famed minstrel's song
Mom's love for my cologne can't go
                          To tales that came.

For Cyndi Macmillan's 'Gifts Given, Gifts Received Contest'