spiritual portal part 1

Written by: John Castro

i am truth i am the lie 
without the truth how can a lie be a lie 

i am the truth and i am the lie 
i am neither because i am i 

i know not down for i know not up 
i see not full but half empty cup 

how can one be happy if one was not sad 
and how can one be sorry if one was not glad 

for i am the truth and i am the lie 
i am neither because i am i 

my world starts and ends with me 
but this world is but a spec of dust on an endless sea 

let us not be blinded by arrogance as to what is real and what is not 
for our imaginations is the "key" that opens what we "thought" was locked 

seek and wonders you shall see 
as the conscience reveals the universe to thee 

instinct and inspiration will surpass your belief and comprhension 
as the infinite mind operates through different frequencies and dimensions 

open your third eye and you become the mind traveller 
but open your mind and you become the time traveller 

for the peace of understanding is the beauty of creation 
and the form and nature of a force relies on the balance of your relation 

for the word has been spoken and the spirit within you knows 
that if you keep an open mind your spiritual being grows 

we do not have free will, we have the appearance of it though 
it's not esoteric knowledge but collectively we know