My Saturday Evening Post

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

I never dreamt I’d be standing in the same room with you today, Norman
It was purely a last minute mother and daughter date
It turned out to be one of the most nostalgic afternoons of my life
Here you were in little Dayton 
Your artwork had completely redecorated the walls of my hometown

You showed us an era when innocence was golden
It had value
A reward was a piece of chocolate pie and a smile
Fun was a picnic lunch, going fishing, or swimming at the water hole
Disappointment was sneaking through father’s bureau drawers
and discovering he was Santa Claus

What about the policeman chatting with the little boy at the ice cream parlor
Or the class writing Happy Birthday to Miss Jones in chalk
You were my favorite artist, illustrator, poet, and friend, Norman…
Those were the days
Where has the innocence gone? 

By Gwendolen Rix 

Written for Tracie Indigo Dreamweaver’s Contest ~Where in the World?~
and Brian Strand's "Up to 16 Lines" Contest

Dedicated with delight to my youngest daughter, Mika. What a great day we had!