Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

I WONDER I wonder what would she do if she knew. Would she be my Boo, or tell me no can do? I'm torn between the two. Can this dream come true? Or before it's even begun, is it already through? Is it love, or just some fantasy? Can I turn these aspirations of her and me - In my imagination a reality? Is any of this possible, or perhaps probable? Is this way of thinking even logical? Should I just let it all go even though - She doesn't know - About my infatuation in this fascinating scenario? For what it’s worth I’d still like to let her know. I think your beautiful, and it's so magical To be hold the grace that abounds From your head to your toes. I think it'd be wonderful - To spend my life with you And if you take my hand I'd never let you go… TBC