This is Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                      My love is the truest you have ever known,
                                      not a puppy love but a love that is full grown;
                                      a love that wants and misses you every day,
                                      a love that deepens and expands in every way;
                                      it wants to grasp you and hold you so tight,
                                      to always let you know it is good, it is right;
                                      to give you everything you could ever desire,
                                      to ignite your sparks but put out your fire;
                                      to hold you in loving arms that never let go,
                                      with loving tenderness that continues to grow;
                                      to capture your heart, body, mind and soul,
                                      to make the expansion of love a daily goal;
                                      to make my love the most desired thing in life,
                                      you would surrender your self to be my wife.