A Circle or Two

Written by: Juli- Michelle


               so many
           look upon me
        and what do they
      see, when they look          (yes, yes i know it does not
       now some may say             look exactly like a circle...)
         'its just a shape'

                              but look closer
                                    look C L O S E R
                                         and then you'll see...

WHAT is a circle?                                  AND are they purple?
HOW long have they been?                 CAN they be a gem?
WHEN did I overlook them?                 MAY they be a stem?
WHY was I so blind?                            READ... and you'll find...
                  A circle is amazing have you noticed before?
                  Just ask the hobbits as they use them for doors
                  A Circle, so common, is in fact- quite rare
                  Though the common eye sees them everywhere
                  Endless, they are endless- much like... you
                  Believe it or not, In just a circle or two