A New Start

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                   there's no one to care,
                                                   and no one to share;
                                                   I'm all alone, 
                                                   my wife is gone;
                                                   perhaps my life is over, 
                                                   I'll be pushing up clover;
                                                   there is no reason to live, 
                                                   I have nothing to give;
                                                   my heart is turning black,
                                                   I can't bring her back;
                                                   but then, you came along, 
                                                   in my heart put a song;
                                                   in my lonely life, 
                                                   you deleted my strife
                                                   gave me reason to go on,
                                                   and someone to belong;
                                                   put love back in my heart,
                                                   each day a new start;
                                                   please hear my loving plea,
                                                   always have your love for me;
                                                   to always be in my mind,
                                                   and my hearts greatest find.